Moving Tips

Couple of Months Before Your Move


  • SORT & PURGE: Look through all your items in each room & decide what you would like to keep & what you can get rid of.  

  • RESEARCH: Look at different moving company options!  Make sure the moving company has a USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) number.  Never Stop Moving Movers have insurance coverage & USDOT# 2902767 & TxDMV 007618761C

  • CREATE A MOVING BINDER: Use the binder to keep track of everything including estimate, receipts & inventory of all your items.  Make inventory list by rooms.

  • ORGANIZE IMPORTANT RECORDS: Keep all important records including birth certificates, social security cards, school records etc. in binder or file folder.  This will allow you to easily find them when you need them. 


Six Weeks Before Your Move


  • PURCHASE SUPPLIES: Purchase moving supplies such as tape, plastic wrap & permanent markers.  You can also purchase special containers such as dish barrel or wardrobe boxes.  The Never Stop Moving Movers provide all packing material including boxes, pads, & plastic wrap securing all of your household items during the moving process so you don't have to worry.  

  • USE IT OR LOSE IT: Start to use things you don’t want to move such as frozen or perishable foods & cleaning supplies. 

  • TAKE MEASUREMENTS: If possible, check room dimensions at your new home & make sure large pieces of furniture will fit through the door.  The Never Stop Moving Movers will assist you in taking the measurements & make sure your furniture will fit through the door.


One Month Before Your Move


  • CHOOSE YOUR MOVER & CONFIRM THE ARRANGEMENTS: Once you have selected Never Stop Moving Movers, they will confirm moving date, time, cost & other details. 

  • BEGIN PACKING: Start sorting & packing items you use most infrequently. 

  • LABEL: Clearly label & number each box with its contents & room its destined for. This will help you keep inventory of your belongings. Pack & label “essential” boxes of items you will need right away.

  • SEPARATE VALUABLES: Place valuable items such as jewelry in a safe box that you may personally transport.

  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Go to the local post office & fill out a change-of-address form or do it online at Just to be safe ask a close neighbor or friend to look out for mail after you have relocated. 

  • NOTIFY IMPORTANT PARTIES: Notify banks, brokerage firms, your employer’s human resources department, magazine & newspaper subscribers, credit card, insurance, & utility company. 

  • FORWARD MEDICAL RECORDS: Arrange for medical records to be sent to any new healthcare provider or obtain hard copies of them yourself. Ask for referrals. 

Two Weeks Before Your Move  

  • TUNE UP: Take your car to a garage & ask the mechanic to consider services needed if your moving to a new climate.

  • CLEAN OUT YOUR SAFE-DEPOSIT BOX: If you’ll be changing banks, remove the contents of your safe-deposit box & put them in the safe box.

One Week Before Your Move

  • REFILL PRESCRIPTIONS: Stock up on your prescriptions you’ll need during the next couple of weeks.

  • PACK YOUR SUITCASE: Aim to finish your general packing a few days before your moving date. Then pack a suitcase for everyone in the family with enough clothes to war for a few days. 

A Few Days Before Your Move


  • DEFROST FREEZER: If your refrigerator is moving with you, make sure to empty, clean & defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day.

  • PLAN FOR THE PAYMENT: If you haven’t already arranged to pay your mover with a credit card, get a money order, check or cash for payment.